Transparent Smartphone

Nicole Scott, Mobile Geeks:

Transparent display’s are coming and we are hardly able to control our excitement that Taiwanese company, Polytron Technologies, is working to produce a completely transparent Smartphone. We went down to Taoyuan about 35 min from Taipei by the airport to check out a prototype of their transparent Smartphone.

By far the largest component in a smartphone, except for the display, is the battery. Take a look at iFixit’s iPhone 5 teardown and you’ll see the battery is enormous compared to the other components inside. Unless the battery itself becomes transparent a transparent smartphone will remain science fiction.

But some science fiction does become reality, and transparent batteries will eventually enable transparent smartphones. In 2011 Stanford researches invented a transparent lithium-ion battery. The question is a matter of when, not if, a transparent battery will become commercially available and affordable enough to power a transparent smartphone.