Nokia Acknowledges New Risk: What If Microsoft Builds Its Own Windows Phones?

ZDNet: In Nokia’s 2011 20F SEC filing the company explained some of the risks associated to its business, and one of them is a Windows Phone manufactured by Microsoft, not unlike the Surface tablets running Windows 8.

“Microsoft may make strategic decisions or changes that may be detrimental to us. For example, in addition to the Surface tablet, Microsoft may broaden its strategy to sell other mobile devices under its own brand, including smartphones. This could lead Microsoft to focus more on their own devices and less on mobile devices of other manufacturers that operate on the Windows Phone platform, including Nokia,” the filing said.

I haven’t used Google’s Chromebook Pixel, but from what I’ve seen and read it seems to be one of the highest quality notebooks on the market today. Google, a predominantly software company, outs hardware that beats other hardware companies who have been making hardware for decades. The same goes for Microsoft’s Surface tablets. Do I think Microsoft has the chops to make a better Windows Phone smartphone than Nokia? Yup.