Countries Where Windows Phones Are Outselling* iPhones

The New York Times: Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and Ukraine, according to IDC.

Update 2013.03.30: This, as well as many others, was in response to Frank X. Shaw’s post on The Official Microsoft Blog taking a potshot at Blackberry and Apple:

Windows Phone has reached 10 percent market share in a number of countries, and according to IDC’s latest report, has shipped more than Blackberry in 26 markets and more than iPhone in seven.

Six of the seven countries where Windows Phone shipped more than iPhone were mentioned above. The 7th ‘country’ is the “rest of central and eastern Europe” including Croatia. South Africa, Ukraine, and the 7th country each represent less than 100,000 Windows Phone import units in Q4’12. That’s not a lot.

Windows Phone is impressive considering it was designed from the ground up by Microsoft, but for Shaw to brag about something that’s really about nothing is grasping at straws. Admit growth has been underwhelming and a lot of work still needs to be done. We don’t respond well to unfound boasting, but we do respond well to honesty.

*Selling: The official number of imports into the country. Who knows how many are actually sold to end users.