Panasonic ZT60

The Panasonic ZT60 will remain the best plasma TV the company makes. Panasonic Display Vice President Kiyoshi Okamoto confirmed to The Verge further plasma display panel research and development will be no more.

Over the years a lot of my friends have sought my advice on what TV to buy. To make sure I give them the best advice I ask a lot of questions. One of the questions is, “Are you a sports nut?” If they answer yes, I recommend they purchase a plasma TV, a Panasonic plasma TV. A plasma TV has no detectable motion blur, a feature money can’t buy on even the best LCD TVs. Sure, it consumes a bit more energy, but you can save a lot of money by going with a plasma TV over a high end LCD TV.

The end is near for plasma. It’s a bit sad. Even though Panasonic is diverting research and development toward OLED TVs, it will be many years before we see price/performance ratios close to plasma TVs. Panasonic will sell plasma TVs “into 2014 at the very least,” but if I were a sports nut, I’d make sure to grab the biggest ZT60.