iOS 7: App Icons

via John Gruber. Neven Mrgan:

But whether we accept the idea of a grid or not, here’s the bigger point: no icon designer I’ve asked thinks Ive’s grid is helpful. In that sense, it’s wrong. The large circle is too big.

Every icon designer Mrgan asked does not consider Ive’s grid helpful, but that does not mean it is wrong. I am thankful design is not democratic.

I might be used to a smaller circle within the radius-cornered square, but the large circle does look too big. But rather than tweak the size of the circle within the square, I think Apple got it wrong in a different way. Apple should take design consistency one step further and merge the physical with the digital: The physical Home button sports a radius-cornered square within a circle. That circle is a near-perfect size for the fingers that use it. The square on the Home button is obviously too small, but Ive’s grid for app icons instead of how it is now should be based on a radius-cornered square within a circle. In addition to a more consistent design, the circular app icons match up incredible well with how our touches look to the touch sensor—a circle—theoretically resulting in touch working more efficiently.