LG 55EA9800

The Verge: The LG 55EA9800 is a curved 55-inch OLED TV. The two prominent features are a thickness of 4.3 mm and that it’s curved. Priced at US$14,999 the 55EA9800 will be widely available in the U.S. at Magnolia.

A 55-inch TV need not be curved since you’re watching from a distance. The premium for this non-essential but interesting feature, for a TV, is too much. What I think would sell is a curved 21:9 30-inch OLED monitor with 4K, at one-tenth the price.

Update 2013.09.09: Raymond Soneira:

But what makes this LG TV absolutely stunning is the combination of OLED display technology together with a very accurate factory calibration that delivers picture quality and accuracy that is visually indistinguishable from perfect based on our extensive Lab tests – a commendable and impressive achievement!

Is perfect worth US$10,000?