Motorola Droid Ultra & Maxx

Nathan Ingraham, The Verge:

As for the displays, both devices feature 5-inch, 720p screens. We’re a little disappointed with the resolution at that size, but on the plus side both screens use OLED technology and do not include the Pentile sub-pixel arrangement found on previous Droid RAZR devices.

RGB OLED displays is definitely a move in the right direction. Unfortunately the 1280×720 pixel format is not competitive with other high end smartphones such as the 4.7-inch 1920×1080 HTC One. But that doesn’t mean the OLED display is not good in terms of resolution; the Droid Ultra sports a resolution of about 294 ppi, which will provide a retina display experience for most. Resolution isn’t everything so we will have to wait and see what Raymond Soneira says about the Droid Ultra’s OLED display to know for sure.