olloclip Quick-Flip Case

There are literally hundreds of iPhone cases, so what makes the Quick-Flip Case by olloclip special? There are three things. One, it is specifically designed so the olloclip 3-in-1 lens fits onto a naked iPhone body when the Quick-Flip corner is, well, flipped out of the way. If you have the olloclip 3-in-1 lens and want to protect your iPhone with a case the Quick-Flip Case is a no-brainer.

Second, the Quick-Flip case is a solid case. I prefer my iPhone naked, but if I had to choose from the few cases I’ve tested the Quick-Flip would be my choice for the following reasons: It is aesthetically pleasing with a simply designed slightly translucent black plastic (there’s a white version too), adds functionality for photographers, and protects the iPhone without a lot of bulk.

Third, is the Pro-Photo adapter, which screws into a tripod. A Quick-Flip encased iPhone then easily slides into it. Nifty. Tripod mounting the iPhone cannot be simpler. It’s also convenient when I want to type on a keyboard and need the iPhone on a stand. Although I did not test it, the Cold Shoe Mount can be used for attachments such as microphones and video lights. The olloclip Quick-Flip Case is US$49.99 on Amazon (affiliate link).