300 Days With the iPad Mini

via John Gruber. Dan Frommer:

The major difference between the iPad mini and my original iPad, purchased in 2010: I’m still actually using this one every day, almost a year after I bought it.

I don’t have an iPad mini. A couple of weeks after the iPad mini became available I visited a local Apple Store and took a look. The smaller 7.9-inch display, the thinner bezels, and lighter weight make the iPad mini quite a bit more portable than the full-sized iPad. And that’s very good since the 9.7-inch iPad can be big and heavy at times. Even if you have an average-sized hand holding the iPad mini with one hand isn’t too uncomfortable. All of these features make the iPad mini quite tempting. But I chose not to buy it.

When the iPhone 4 came out I visited the same Apple Store, and bought it. I did not hesitate; one look at the retina display, then at my iPhone 3G, and I was convinced.

With the iPad mini, I saw jaggies, which I haven’t seen since the iPhone 3G. I pulled out my iPhone 5, took another look at the iPad mini, and decided I’ll wait for the retina version. I’m not spending US$329 or more to experience jaggies every time I read text, and that’s what I do most of the time. I’m happy with my full-sized retina iPad and use it almost everyday to read PDFs, RSS feeds, surf the web, and triage email. That’s a lot of text and text on the iPad mini is terrible. I do want something more portable than the full-sized iPad but with a bigger display than the iPhone 5. Can’t wait to get my eyes on a retina iPad mini…