Samsung Galaxy Round: Not Just Marketing Gimmick

Raymond Soneira:

Introducing a slightly curved cylindrically concave screen is a very important and major innovation in smartphone display technology—very far from being a marketing gimmick as has been widely reported. The Galaxy Round screen curvature is very subtle, just 0.10 inches away from flat, which is similar to the slight curvature in a handheld magnifying mirror. But that small curvature is the key to a series of optical effects that result in significantly reducing interference from reflected ambient light by a large factor. It substantially improves screen readability, image contrast, color accuracy, and overall picture quality, but can also increase the running time on battery because the screen brightness and display power can be lowered due to the reduced light interference from ambient light reflections.

I’ll be honest: I thought the flexed display in the Galaxy Round was manufactured merely because it was possible to do so, and without any thought to practical use. It seems I was wrong. There are significant benefits to how we experience the display.