The Great Apple Lull

Dan Frommer:

But where Apple has disappointed recently is in novelty, or surprise. Perhaps this is unfair, but it’s real. Apple became the company that delivered “new”. People got used to hearing about new stuff all the time — iPod nanos, iPhones, MacBook Airs, iPads — and now it seems like it’s been a while.

It seems like it’s been a while? No, it has been a while. But there might be a good reason. Maybe, in the world of computing, what we have now—iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac—is good enough. But there was a time when these categories weren’t very good at all. Let’s take MP3 players for example. The way you got MP3s, the way you managed MP3s, the way you copied those into MP3 players sucked and there was suckiness to be made better. Apple did that with the iPod. The iPhone did the same thing to smartphones, and the iPad to tablets. What is really sucky now? Figure that out and that’s probably what Apple’s working on.

I’d say give it another year. Tim Cook has now been chumming the water for a while, and if Apple was just going to keep rolling out iterative updates to the iPhone and iPad until we all fell asleep, it’d be a waste to keep bringing up the whole “new categories” line.

Another year it is.