“It was very important to get the eyes correct.”

Leah Hunter, Co.Design:

“If you see the car, it has broad shoulders, a wide stance, and a purposeful built body,” said von Holzhausen. “Our goal was to create a face for a vehicle–a character or face that is recognizable–the eyes of a headlight. Many brands have evolved their faces over time. We were starting with nothing. It was very important to get the eyes correct. We also have a nose cone on the car, chosen so that if you see a Model S from afar now it is instantly recognizable.”

For quite some time I’ve marveled at how the faces of modern cars have devolved: From constantly surprised Porsche 911’s to half-sleeping angry Audi’s with huge nostrils that have been surgically merged with their mouths the faces of modern cars are nothing to look at. And then there are followers like Lexus who think Audi’s cleft lips are cool and puts one on its top-of-the-line luxury model, the LS460. Mercedes Benz has an unhealthy infatuation with angry bugs with large noses. It’s insane how ugly most modern car faces are. So it’s not surprising to hear Franz von Holzhausen focused on making the eyes of the Model S correct. Unfortunately it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong; I think the Model S is one sexy car. The proportions are just right, from head to toe. Her stance is aggressive. The back end is simply beautiful. But the eyes? The photo on top of this article looks better than the real deal where the eye lashes or eye brows are understated. In real life, with the LED lights on, it’s as if she had put on a bit too much eyeliner. The LEDs are too thick, wraps around too much, and too bright. Do you know who did the eyes correct? Land Rover with its Evoque. The eyes on the Evoque look like they were transplanted from Velociraptors.