Mujjo Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves for Women


In response to numerous requests for a female version of the leather touchscreen gloves, we undertook a design with women in mind, which resulted in the world’s first leather touchscreen gloves designed specifically for women, approved and tested by women. The gloves feature a slim cut and increased length, tailored to fit the hands of women. Unlike the male version, the thumb of the female version is made entirely of leather instead of crocheted cotton to create a deliberate contrast with the crocheted cotton on top of the gloves; this accentuates the length and contributes to a seductively understated but elegant design.

It’s starting to get cold, even in sunny California. In some parts like San Francisco it gets cold enough that gloves are essential. But so are our smartphones. Try using a smartphone with gloves on; it’s impossible, unless you have one of those new nanotechnology gloves. If you’re looking for maximum warmth, style, and functionality look no further.

According to Mujjo co-founder Tom Canters, Ethiopian lambskin was used for its supple yet insulation properties, the best of any kind of leather. Egyptian cotton for its softness and beauty, and cashmere from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia as lining for its featherweight softness, fine texture, and insulation. Each of these leather crochet touchscreen glove is crafted by hand. Priced €74.34. Want.