Apple’s Share of Mobile Market Grows to Over 40 Percent, but Samsung Also Shows Momentum

Chris Welch, The Verge:

According to new figures from comScore, 40.6 percent of US smartphone subscribers are using iPhones. In the three month period that concluded September 30th, Apple’s share grew by 0.7 percentage points from where it stood in June. […] Google’s OS is running on 51.8 percent of smartphones used by consumers in the US. That’s actually a slight (0.2 points) dip […]

Samsung’s share grew 1.2 percentage points to 24.9%; that’s almost half of all Android smartphones in the U.S. I expect Samsung’s share of Android smartphones to continue growing. Case in point: The newly introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has sold well—more than 5 million in one month—since its introduction in October. No other Android smartphone—not even the Motorola Moto X—comes close.