“Apple tried to go cheap…”

Raymond Soneira:

Quantum Dots, LTPS, that IGZO is still not ready for prime time, but LTPS is better and it’s available now, and Apple tried to go cheap instead of with LTPS and now has production shortages and inferior products, Amazon now has by far the most innovative displays, and Google/Asus are second, Apple is no longer the leader in displays.

Here are two main letdowns of the retina iPad mini:

  • The color gamut is 63%, just like the non-retina iPad mini.
  • Sharp is supplying Apple with IGZO LCDs, but having production and yield issues. LG Display is supplying a-Si LCDs but with higher performance LEDs in the backlight to compensate for the lower power efficiency of a-Si.

The only thing going for the retina iPad mini is the number of pixels, smaller yes, but those pixels aren’t any better than the non-retina iPad mini.