Kateeva: OLED TVs For Less

Ucilia Wang, Gigaom:

Most standard OLED makers deposit the semiconductors on a substrate covered with a mask, which is removed after it’s coated with the organic materials. Oxygen and moisture are deadly to OLEDs, and most manufacturers have to apply a coating to insulate OLEDs from these elements. But that encapsulation step is where problems tend to crop up and slow down production.

Kateeva’s equipment prints [OLEDs] in nitrogen to skirt the oxygen and moisture issue and in the process also creates OLED panels that deliver good visual quality for a longer period of time […]

Kateeva’s YIELDJet can print on glass substrates large enough to cut six 55-inch OLED displays. Looking forward to OLED TVs much more affordable than the Samsung KN55SN or the LG 55EA9800, both of which sport stratospheric prices.