Smartphone WiFi and Data Consumption is 44% Higher on 4.5-inch Screens And Larger Compared to Smaller Screens

Emil Protalinski, The Next Web:

If your smartphone has a large screen, chances are your Wi-Fi and data consumption will be higher than if you were using a smaller screen device. In fact, monthly Wi-Fi and cellular data consumption on smartphones with screens 4.5 inches and larger is 44 percent greater than it is on smartphones with screens under 4.5 inches, at about 7.2GB and 5.0GB respectively.

Note NPD surveyed “the equivalent base of 4,500 smartphone users” between May 2013 and July 2013. According to comScore 147.9 million owned smartphones in the U.S. during the three months ending in September. 4500 smartphone users make up approximately .003% of those smartphone owners in the U.S. Take these NPD results with a grain of salt.