Samsung Galaxy Gear ‘Sales’

via John Gruber. Business Korea:

Also, on September 25, Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy Gear in time for the wearable computing generation. Yet this product has cumulative sales under 50,000, with daily sales of only 800-900 units. These low sales values for the Galaxy Gear are far below the initial expectations of the industry.

Business Korea reported this on November 22, 2013, probably as a response to Samsung announcing sales of 800,000 since the Galaxy Gear debuted two months ago. Gruber noted Business Korea did not cite a source, so unless Business Korea itself is a point of sale market research company, which I highly doubt, take this with a grain of salt. The two numbers diverge quite a bit, but I’m fairly certain Samsung is quoting how many Galaxy Gear smartwatches the company shipped into sales channels and Business Korea is reporting how many actually were sold to customers. Both are probably right, and if that’s true we can expect blowout clearance sales to commence sooner than later to unstuff mountains of Galaxy Gear inventory from the exact same sales channels Samsung stuffed them into. I’m not surprised Samsung Galaxy Gear sales to customers are so dismal; in its current form with its current features the Galaxy Gear solves a problem that to most doesn’t exist.