The Death of TV

Jim Edwards, Business Insider:

We’re at the beginning of a major historical shift from watching TV to watching video — including TV shows and movies — on the internet or on mobile devices.

This is going to hurt cable TV providers.

I don’t think this is surprising to anyone. Think about how you want to watch ‘TV’? For me, granted I don’t watch a lot of TV to begin with but if I did want to watch a lot of TV, I would want to watch the TV show when I wanted and on the display I want to watch it on. I don’t want to be stuck to my TV, which is stuck to my cable box, which is stuck in my living room. What would happen if cable companies unstick us from our TVs, cable boxes, and living rooms and allow us to watch only the stuff we want to watch, whenever we want, wherever we want, and on whichever device we want? Something good.