Sony SmartWatch 2

Dan Seifert, The Verge:

A successful smartwatch needs to have three things done right: a set of functions that people want; have those functions actually work; and have a compelling design that doesn’t scream “I’m wearing a computer on my wrist.” The SmartWatch 2 hits on the design part, but it misses on the other two.

How much can you do with a 220×176 1.6-inch transflective LCD touch display? The Sony SmartWatch 2 sports a resolution of 176 ppi, which means you’ll see individual pixels. The transflective LCD helps when you’re in the sun, but when you’re indoors colors are washed out precisely because of the reflectivity that enhances visibility outdoors. I don’t think the current smartwatch trend of cramming a smartphone interface into a very small display is right. A new user interface paradigm needs to be created for the wrist.