How Amazon is Using Its Brooklyn Studio to Do Fashion Right

Chavie Lieber, Racked National:

With the studio, the company’s overall objective is to give their inventory a more glossy, less stock photography-feel. On average, over 19,000 images a day are shot at the studio, and some 2,400 of those are featured on the Amazon sites.

“In fashion ecommerce, high quality imagery isn’t just ‘nice to have,’ it’s essential. It defines the total experience. Our editorial inspires the customer, and our product pages—the way we show how clothes fit and move—are our virtual sales associates. Using live models helps show the movement and flow of a garment in a way that is often difficult to replicate with mannequins alone,” Beaudoin added.

High quality imagery is not only essential to fashion e-commerce but also to high-tech e-commerce. Would like to see Amazon add high quality videos, too.