What’s The Best Smartphone For Photographers?

Jackie Dove, Macworld:

But the essence and value of a camera comes down to how well it shoots, how easy it is to use, how automatic its features are, and whether it captures pictures you’ll want to share with family and friends to enjoy for years to come. From that standpoint, the best smartphone cameras for shooting—which provides the basis for special effects and video—are those of the Apple iPhone 5s, the LG G2, and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

What’s surprising is in the low ambient light test the LG G2 came out on top. The LG G2 automatically beautifies and posterizes faces making them look quite nice without having to mess around. But that also means image editing is limited.

There is no clear winner, but it also means everyone will continue to focus on improving the camera subsystem in their smartphones. I still have another year of a two-year contract on my iPhone 5 so I’m looking forward to what Apple, LG, and Samsung have in store next year when the iPhone 6, G3, and S5 come out.