Foxconn May Build LCD Manufacturing Plant in U.S.

Chris Ziegler, The Verge:

At an event commemorating its 40th anniversary this weekend, Foxconn boss Terry Gou mentioned that the company is exploring the possibility of opening a display manufacturing plant in the US that could produce screens larger than 60 inches, The Wall Street Journal reports. Spurring the exploration, apparently, is the difficulty of shipping panels that large to the US from Asia, where most are currently produced.

I don’t think shipping large TV panels is difficult; it is however costly (air), and takes a lot of time (boat). Plus, to save on taxes, these TV panels are shipped to Mexico. Once the 60-inch LCD is integrated into a TV chassis it is then trucked over to the U.S. to a major hub. Cumbersome yes, but why would Foxconn consider building a large LCD manufacturing plant in the U.S. when there is only one major TV brand — Vizio — in the U.S.? Maybe there’s going to be two.