Larry Page Pointing Toward Wearable and Home Markets

Ben Popper, The Verge:

The purchase of Nest indicates that Google has rethought its hardware strategy, preferring to avoid competition with its Android partners and instead invest in the wide-open world of connected devices and smart homes instead. Larry Page said as much in an email to staffers about the Motorola sale. “As a side note, this does not signal a larger shift for our other hardware efforts. The dynamics and maturity of the wearable and home markets, for example, are very different from that of the mobile industry. We’re excited by the opportunities to build amazing new products for users within these emerging ecosystems.”


Wearables and smart devices for the home are just getting started. When a whole bunch of companies, Google included, make a big mess of things in these two markets I’m betting Apple will come along and change it up just like Apple did with a messy MP3 market with the iPod, the crappy smartphone market with the iPhone, and the dying tablet market with the iPad.

That’s what I thought before Google acquired Nest. Now I’m not so sure. But what I am sure of is I’m not going to buy possibly dead end products like the Nest Thermostat or Protect. According to TechCrunch the Nest team will “still work on hardware devices, but not necessarily thermostats or smoke detectors.”