Nokia Releasing First Android Smartphone

Sven Grundberg and Shira Ovide, The Wall Street Journal:

Nokia engineers had been developing the Android phone before Microsoft struck the €5.4 billion ($7.4 billion) deal last September to buy Nokia’s handset business and license the Finnish company’s patents. It hasn’t been clear before now whether Nokia would move ahead with the Android phone, expected to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress industry trade show starting Feb. 24.

It looks like Nokia will fork Android, similar to what Amazon did:

The Nokia phones will differ from most other Android smartphones, and won’t access some Google-developed features or Android apps from the Google Play storefront, said the people familiar with the matter.

But Amazon had something unique to offer: access to the largest online store. I’m not sure there’s something as unique Nokia has to offer. But maybe Nokia is targeting the entry-level smartphone market where it will be mostly used to call and text. A simplified Android OS with solid hardware could be a combination that could sell.