Google Fiber Coming to San Jose, California

Google Fiber Blog: Google has invited 34 cities in nine metropolitan areas in the U.S. to explore what it would take to build Google Fiber. One of those cities is where I live: San Jose, California. I’m excited.

I’m excited at the thought of not getting ripped off. Right now our neighborhood has access to broadband from Comcast and AT&T U-verse. The fastest U-verse plan costs $66 for 24Mbps. Comcast offers a better value: 50Mbps for $77 per month, and tops off at 105Mbps for $115 per month. But nothing touches Google Fiber: $70 for 1024Mbps (1Gbps). That’s almost 43 times faster than AT&T’s 24Mbps for $4 less, and 20 times faster than Comcast’s 50Mbps for $7 less. That’s what I call bang for your buck.

Google has only initiated talks with the city of San Jose so it’s not a done deal, but I do hope the good city of San Jose will realize how happy its residents will be when Google Fiber becomes available. I for one will be and can’t wait.