An Overcorrection of Skeuomorphism

Dave Wiskus, Macworld:

As it stands now, iOS 7 is a series of solvable problems. The things you could label as deficiencies are mostly a result of that swinging pendulum—an overcorrection of skeuomorphism. So what comes next is most likely balance and refinement. Buttons might not need to look like they’re being physically pressed if you tap them, but some feedback is useful.

Overcorrection of skeuomorphism is an accurate assessment in many ways.

The default system font in iOS 7 is Helvetica Neue; to me it’s too skinny. But when I flip on Bold Text under Accessibility it becomes too fat. I’d like something in between.

I don’t have many apps on my iPhone, but among the 24 on the first, and only, screen my favorite is Instagram. Shaded corners subtly bring about a third dimension. The reflections of the glass in the lens is a nice touch. The overall feel of the icon doesn’t give off a sense of desperation, to be realistic or to be simplistic. I like the balanced approach.