This Is Why It Feels Like Apple Stopped Innovating Three Years Ago

Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider:

The reason it feels like Apple has stopped innovating to so many people is that the last time it tried to do what it does best — perfect a technology that allows humans to interact with computers — it failed. And that was two and a half years ago. The last time it succeeded was 2006 — eight years ago.

Carlson is referring to Siri. I don’t think Apple failed with Siri; the perfection of Siri is on-going and will take some time, longer than it did for the mouse, GUI (Mac), click wheel (iPod), and touch display (iPhone). For Siri to succeed Apple needs to deeply personalize Siri to each user. That requires understanding where the user is (quiet versus loud environments), what the user is doing (working out or reclining on a sofa), whether or not the user is stressed (driving during traffic hour and late to a meeting or slightly inebriated and relaxing under a palm tree), etc. The rumored iWatch might be the missing piece. With biometric sensors and environmental sensors iWatch could provide data about the user to fine-tune Siri to make it work closer to 100% of the time.