iOS 7.1

Shara Tibken, c|net:

iOS 7.1 also includes a camera update that’s specific to iPhone 5S users. That’s because the newer phone uses Apple’s advanced A7 processor while older devices have less-powerful chips. HDR, or “high dynamic range,” will automatically turn on when it’s needed. That takes many photos at once in different exposures to create a sharp image that looks closer to what the human eye sees, as the varying highlights and shadows are all accounted for.

I was wondering what that was all about. I was taking some photos earlier this afternoon and experienced a strange thing: while taking a photo HDR automatically turned on. That has never happened before, and now I know why. The photo turned out slightly better with HDR, but I hope Apple sees fit to include a manual override to turn off auto HDR in a future update.

One other thing I noticed: the keyboard font is slightly bolder than the original. I’m glad Apple is correcting its overcorrection of skeuomorphism.

Update 2014.03.11

I wrote too hastily without checking. There is is a way to turn off HDR Auto: Touch it while in the Camera app and two other options glide out. One is HDR On and the other is HDR Off.