LG G Pro 2

Dan Seifert, The Verge:

The G Pro was LG’s first phablet-style device that made sense — its 5.5-inch display was right in line with Samsung’s offerings at the time and it included a number of software tweaks to take advantage of the larger screen. The G Pro 2’s 1080p display expands to an even larger 5.9 inches, and it’s just as nice to look at as before, with great viewing angles and color accuracy. It’s just bigger now. Nearly half an inch sounds like a lot on paper, but in practical use it doesn’t demonstrably change the experience. It just keeps LG up with the Joneses, surpassing the 5.7-inch display on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and matching monstrous smartphones from HTC and others.

Five point nine inches. I understand there are people who want to carry only one device. To them an artificially small phone paired with a tablet is unnecessary when a large smartphone like the LG G Pro 2 can take the place of both. There are some challenges with this though.

One is, how do you carry the thing? If you’re a metrosexual (or someone who doesn’t give a damn about what others think about you and all you care about is efficiency) in Seoul, San Francisco, Manhattan, and many parts of Western Europe you simply put it in your purse, whether you’re a man or a woman. But what if you’re just a regular guy who puts his phone in his pants? I’ve tried putting the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, and other large phones with thick cases into my jeans. They do fit in my front and back pockets, but it’s not comfortable. I don’t like how I look with the massive rectangular bulge in my front pocket. And I’m always worried someone will pocket my phone if I leave it in my back pocket. Something as big as the LG G Pro 2 will be an easy target.

Another challenge is becoming less and less of a problem, but it really does look awkward when you’re having a phone conversation with a 5.9-inch slab to your face, especially if you have a smallish face. In countries like South Korea most mobile communications is done via instant messaging anyway, and voice communications in crowded buses and subways isn’t usually the polite thing to do. Yes, I understand there are Bluetooth headsets and the earphones with mic that came with the phone, but a lot of people don’t like using either when moving about. A Bluetooth headset is still too nerdy, and messing around with the cables is not much fun. Using the speakerphone is an option when you’re home or in your office with the door closed, but again not going to happen when you’re in public. I’m pretty sure some of us are already used to seeing people put massive smartphones to their faces to talk. In the future a 6-inch device on someone’s face isn’t going to phase anyone.

For people who want a single mobile device, a phablet like the 5.9-inch LG G Pro 2 is certainly appealing. Just make sure you have a comfortable way to carry it and note it might look a little awkward, for now, to have it mashed to your face when talking.