Sony NEX-5 with 16mm f2.8 Pancake Lens

I purchased this Sony NEX-5 mirrorless camera thinking it would be the default camera I would take everywhere. The camera body is exceptionally small for a body with an APS-C image sensor. I even went through the trouble of selling the zoom lens that came with it and purchased the 16mm f2.8 pancake lens to keep it as portable as possible. Well it didn’t turn out that way, and I blame my iPhone. The photo quality is nice, but the not-so-fast 16mm lens doesn’t do very well in dim environments. Macro shots are difficult too. Yes, I understand the lens isn’t designed for it. And I believe it is 100% my fault for not equipping the NEX-5 with the proper lens to do what needed it to do. But my primary goal was to make it small enough so that it would be portable enough. It turns out the ideal camera was the one I already had: my iPhone. So it’s time to say good bye to my Sony NEX-5. Off to Craigslist it goes.