LG G Watch

LG UK tweeted a closer look of the upcoming LG G Watch. The display looks like a square, but the thicker upper and lower bezels make the body of the G Watch rectangular. I prefer square to rectangle, and prefer the Motorola Moto 360 to the LG G Watch. That’s just me.

I think the Moto 360 will end up being too expensive because every component had to be custom because of the circular industrial design. The rectangular smartwatches like the LG G Watch look like they will be cheaper and cater to a larger market. Where I think the sweet spot will be is a smartwatch with a circular face, much like the analog watches that are higher end, but with a rectangular body.

With this combination the display can still be square or rectangular but with software make the face of the watch circular. Of course nearly all components for an entirely new genre of gadgets like smartwatches will require some level of customization, but a square-ish body will make customizations less expensive. I’m fairly sure a square display is a lot cheaper to manufacture and integrate than a circular one.

Oh, and material selection will become even more important with smartwatches than it has been with smartphones. I don’t think plastic will work very well in convincing the high end of the market, and neither will bigger displays. But who knows, it’s a brand new market; maybe we’ll see Samsung come out with huge smartwatches you can write on with a stylus, and millions might love them: the Samsung Galaxy Gear Note!