Low Cost Ultra HD TV Panel Production

Alex Wolfgram, Digitimes:

Both LG Display and Samsung Display are aiming to mass produce RGBW Ultra HD TV panels to compete against Taiwan-based makers in the China market where low-priced Ultra HD TVs are currently in high demand, according to industry sources.

To me Digitimes is the best source of juicy rumors. I need to figure out what this means: low-priced Ultra HD TVs are in high demand in China. I will be using 4K to refer to Ultra HD from hereon. 4K TVs are expensive, but they are getting cheaper. For example, the 65-inch Samsung UHD 4K LED 9000 Series Smart TV goes for US$3,499.99. As 4K TVs come down in price and hits retail price points such as $2999, $1999, etc. demand for them will increase. I think that’s what’s happening in China: those with a lot of money, say the top 10% which equates to 135 million potential customers, are starting to buy 4K TVs. If just a small portion of those with a lot of money are purchasing 4K TVs in China that could easily be construed as high demand. So that’s what I think it means: rich Chinese are buying 4K TVs as prices are dropping. I don’t think it means China, and the rest of the world, will see cheap 4K TVs any time soon. But it seems 4K monitors are getting cheap really fast: on Amazon, Samsung’s U28D590D, a 28-inch 4K monitor, is going for just $744.50. (Amazon affiliate link.)