ASUS: The PB287Q is a 28-inch 3840×2160 4K Ultra HD (UHD) monitor with a response time of 1 ms grey-to-grey (GTG) and a refresh rate of 60Hz (you’ll need a DisplayPort 1.2 connection). The PB287Q comes with three ports: 2x HDMI 1.4 and 1x DisplayPort 1.2. When connected via HDMI the refresh rate drops to 30Hz.

When 4K OLED monitors start to come out — have no idea when — response times in the milliseconds will be laughed at, but for now 1 ms GTG is quite fast and should be fun to use when playing games, watching action flicks and sports. Unlike the Samsung UD590, the ASUS PB287Q sports real 10-bit sub-pixels, which means the 4K monitor can display over 1 billion colors.

Viewing angles are not quite up to IPS standards with 170/160 (CR>10) and brightness is a bit lacking too with a maximum 300 cd/m2. 4K monitors are not cheap, but prices are and will continue to come down: the Samsung UD590 is US$700. The ASUS PB287Q starts from a bit higher at $799.