Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Watched the Microsoft Surface Event today and here’s some of my observations. The display is 12 inches with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Remember 3:2? That’s the aspect ratio the first iPhone had and all the way up to the iPhone 4s. Then Apple made the dumb mistake of making it 16:9. 3:2 is close to the aspect ratio of paper and that was intentional: Microsoft wants you to get work done on the Surface Pro 3. In fact Microsoft wants you to ditch your notebook for a Surface Pro 3. I can see myself ditching my MacBook Pro and my iPad. The only thing keeping me back is not the hardware, which I think is pretty cool, but the operating system.

The Surface Pro 3 is claimed to sport the thinnest display stack on a tablet, or was it a notebook, or was it both. Probably both. There’s good reason: when you’re using a stylus, a thick display stack will put your stylus visually above the digital ink. Not a good experience. The Surface Pro 3 comes with a stylus that looks and feels like a real pen, because Microsoft wants you to use the stylus like a real pen. One example: Click the back of the stylus like you would a real pen and the Surface Pro 3 comes to life, puts you right into OneNote, and you can immediately start writing that awesome idea you had while you were dreaming. With a thin display stack the digital ink is where the tip is, which should make the experience of writing on the 12-inch paper-like display really nice.

One last thing about the Surface Pro 3’s display: 2160×1440 pixels. That’s two 1080×1440 windows side by side, which is just the way I like it. Two windows on an iPad sounds complicated, but two windows on a tablet that’s designed to replace a notebook sounds good.