Samsung Simband

Josh Lowensohn, The Verge:

In the meantime, what Samsung referred to as an “investigational device” called the Simband, will be ground zero for tracking that information. The wrist-mounted band has a modular array of sensors on the bottom. Those sensors monitor various body activities like heart rate and oxygen levels, but could be expanded with extra hardware to track other things. In a live demo, the Simband hardware was able to show Fish’s live heart rate and other vitals on a device that looked a lot like the existing Samsung Gear smartwatch

A good idea. But I don’t have to see all those graphs on my wrist. And older folks with less than perfect vision will be hard pressed to see such tiny fonts and data.

Focus on sensing and notifying, and let the larger IPS LCD or OLED displays on smartphones and tablets do the heavy lifting when it comes to showing the captured data and the results of what the servers in the cloud analyzed.

Semiautonomous Truck Convoy

Kelsey D. Atherton, Popular Science:

The technology, developed by Peloton Tech, uses radar and a wireless link so that the following trucks travel at the same speed, braking simultaneously for safety, and doing so on an automated system that doesn’t have the delays of human reaction time.

More safe.

Peloton says the “technology saves more than 7% [of fuel] at 65mph – 10% for the rear truck and 4.5% for the lead truck,” which is tremendous because “Long-haul fleets spend 40% of operating expenses on fuel, accounting collectively for over 10% of U.S. oil use and related carbon emissions.” These savings come primarily from reduced aerodynamic drag.

More efficient.

OS X Yosemite: Green Dot is now Full Screen


Take the red, yellow, and green “stoplights” in the corner of every app window. Not only have we streamlined their look, but we’ve also updated their functions. Close, minimize, and maximize are now close, minimize, and full screen, eliminating the extra full-screen control and consolidating the window controls in one place.

I hope this is not like Full Screen mode in Chrome, but more like Presentation Mode with all the chrome hidden.