Lenovo: Americans Don’t Want Small Windows Tablets

Agam Shah, PC World:

“In North America, we’re seeing stronger interest in the larger screen sizes for Windows tablets and are pleased with initial customer demand for the ThinkPad 10,” said Raymond Gorman, a Lenovo spokesman, in an email.

Lenovo stopped selling its ThinkPad 8 and Miix 2 in North America; both sport 8-inch displays.

“In other markets, particularly Brazil, China, and Japan, the demand for ThinkPad 8 has been much stronger, so we are adjusting our ThinkPad 8 inventories to meet increasing demand in those markets. If market demand for ThinkPad 8 changes, we will re-evaluate our strategy,” Gorman said.

Not surprising Americans like larger, and equally not surprised to see countries like Brazil, China, and Japan prefer smaller.