Hugo Barra is “sick and tired” of Xiaomi being branded an Apple copycat.

Vlad Savov, The Verge:

Barra is only a year into his job as leader of Mi’s internationalization efforts, but he’s already “sick and tired” of hearing his company derided as an Apple copycat. He sees Mi as “an incredibly innovative company” that never stops trying to improve and refine its designs, and the allegations of it copying Apple are “sweeping sensationalist statements because they have nothing better to talk about.”

Here are some interesting coincidences pulled together from The Verge and Cult of Android:

  • Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun wears denim jeans and a black top while making a keynote presentation and at the end puts up a “one more thing” slide.
  • Xiaomi’s Mi 4 smartphone has chamfered edges like the iPhone 5/5s.
  • Xiaomi’s Mi Pad tablet sports the same display as the retina iPad mini with the same aspect ratio, pixel format, and size. The plastic has a very similar design to the iPhone 5c, and with exactly the same colors.
  • Xiaomi’s Mi Box looks like a curved Apple TV.
  • Xiaomi’s Mi Router Mini is very similar to Apple’s Magic Trackpad.
  • Xiaomi’s retail stores look like a poor man’s replica of Apple Stores.
  • Xiaomi’s Mi 3’s camera lens was a copy-paste job of Apple’s Aperture icon.

Xiaomi copies, literally. John Gruber wrote about a copyrighted photograph by Javi Inchusta Gonzalez taken with a Nikon D700 SLR on Xiaomi’s Mi 3 features page; Xiaomi claims the photo was taken by its Mi 3. And that’s not the only photo.

Xiaomi’s reputation is well deserved.