Acer Chromebook 13

The Verge: The Acer Chromebook 13 sports NVIDIA’s Tegra K1, a powerful quad core SoC geared for mobile devices. Two display options are available, but you’ll want to pony up the extra $100 for the 1920×1080 pixels, extra RAM, and larger SSD.

Combine a 1920×1080 13-inch display with a 32GB SSD, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA’s Tegra K1, and a battery that lasts 11 hours, the asking price of US$379 looks like a good deal.

(The all-white enclosure, which I like, reminds of the discontinued white unibody polycarbonate MacBook, which by the way can be had for about the same price on Craigslist. You lose a bunch of pixels and the all-day battery life, but you gain a full-blown computer.)