Comcast Coerce Netflix → Netflix Lose Customers

Peter Kafka, Re/code:

Florance has already argued that Comcast forced Netflix to pay for a “transit” deal, by effectively degrading the quality of Netflix streams for Comcast’s broadband customers. […]

Now, in his FCC statement, Florance says that Netflix’s Comcast customers noticed, and complained, and in some cases quit paying for Netflix.

It is 6:15pm on a Thursday evening in Silicon Valley. I am a Comcast customer and pay for 50Mbps. I wanted to see how fast my actual download speed was so went to and ran a test. The results? 5.64Mbps, a little more than 1/10th the speed I’m paying for.

If Comcast was messing around with Netflix streams, on top of already crappy speeds, I can understand how miserable the experience could have been. Instead of cancelling Netflix I would have cancelled Comcast. But in some areas there are no other options but Comcast.