Hyperlapse by Instagram

Instagram Blog:

Traditionally, time lapse videos depend on holding your phone or camera still while you film. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel—a feat that has previously only been possible with expensive equipment.


Why We Watch People Play Games

Rich McCormick, The Verge:

There’s no easy answer, but the most popular streamers offer viewers one or more of three key benefits: buying advice, a community built around a streamer’s personality, or the chance to observe professional grade skill. These elements, coupled with Twitch’s ease of access and gamer-friendly attitude, have contributed to both the company’s billion dollar valuation, and a huge change in the way millions of people play and think about video games.

When we watch people play games we want to experience a drama unfold where their personalities combined with their skills lead to glorious victories.

“Well, this is real.”

Ellis Hamburger at The Verge has a Q&A about Oculus with Cory Ondrejka, creator of Second Life and VP of engineering at Facebook, and asks: “What impressed you most about it?”

First, visual performance. The difference between a slightly laggy experience or bad registration, or an experience with slightly malfunctioning optics, makes you half feel like you’re in VR and your brain has to adapt to it. With Oculus you didn’t have that. Instead, it was able to cross that threshold into presence where your brain is saying “Well, this is real,” and that difference is fundamentally the difference between VR that’s a promise and VR that’s actually here.

Android Ransomware

Nicole Perlroth, The New York Times:

The message claims to be from the F.B.I., or cybersecurity firms, but is in fact the work of Eastern European hackers who are hijacking Android devices with a particularly pernicious form of malware, dubbed “ransomware” because it holds its victims’ devices hostage until they pay a ransom.