Samsung Gear S

TechCrunch: The Samsung Gear S is a 3G smartwatch featuring a 2-inch curved OLED display with 260×480 pixels. With its own 3G connection you don’t need to tether the Gear S to a smartphone. I wonder how long the battery lasts.

Sensors include accelerometer, barometer, GPS, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, and UV detector. Instead of Google’s Android Wear, Samsung is running its own Tizen OS, which probably means there won’t be many apps developed for it. One other thing: a QWERTY keyboard on a 2-inch display? Not going to work.

A smartwatch as a smartphone replacement needs to offer a keyboard alternative. The technology in the lead is voice, and to have the best voice recognition software you need Apple’s Siri, Google Now, or Microsoft’s Cortana.