Tech, Meet Fashion

Nick Bilton, The New York Times:

According to a designer who works at Apple, Jonathan Ive, Apple’s design chief, in bragging about how cool he thought the iWatch was shaping up to be, gleefully said Switzerland is in trouble — though he chose a much bolder term for “trouble” to express how he thought the watchmaking nation might be in a tough predicament when Apple’s watch comes out.

Sounds a bit off; Ive doesn’t seem to me as someone who brags.

The original iPhone made the smartphone sexy, a device you not only needed but wanted. The iPhone was sexy because of the industrial design, and because of how it worked. All the smartphones previous to the iPhone were in trouble.

The iWatch will probably do the same thing to existing wearables as well as to existing mechanical watches. Existing wearables will be in trouble because of both how ugly they are and how bothersome they are to use. Even the highly touted Motorola Moto 360 for its industrial design is in reality more like a Moto 270. And existing mechanical watches will be in trouble because of how stupid they are.

The iPhone 6 looks to be a dud, but I’m genuinely interested in what the iWatch will turn out to be.