Dyson 360 Eye

James Dyson:

Most robotic vacuum cleaners don’t see their environment, have little suction, and don’t clean properly. They are gimmicks. Vision, combined with our high-speed digital motor and cyclone technology, is the key to achieving a high-performing robot vacuum — a genuine labor-saving device.

The 360 Eye name refers to a 360-degree panoramic camera on top of the machine that sees the entire room, maps out the room, and plots its navigation. The high-speed digital motor James Dyson is referring to is the company’s “Radial Root Cyclone” technology powered by its V2 digital motor. The 360 Eye will be released in Japan first in Spring 2015. Check out the Dyson 360 Eye video, and product page.

If the 360 Eye works anything like the ten-year old DC18 I have at home, I will need to get one.