LG G Watch R: The Bezel

Vlad Savov, The Verge:

The inclusion of this bigger bezel has been a necessary concession to make the OLED display fit inside the case. Accommodating its contacts and making the whole thing waterproof, says LG, takes up an extra 2mm to 3mm around the edge. This is the other side of the Moto 360 coin: Motorola’s smartwatch has negligible bezels but achieves that by leaving a small chunk of disused screen space at the bottom, which is where it fits the same components compelling LG to go bigger.

Savov thinks the G Watch R and other smartwatches are “too large to be considered proper watches,” but the watches some of my friends are wearing are just as big, if not bigger. I do want a larger display and a thinner bezel.

Time will allow engineers to reduce the thickness of the bezel around all circular LCD and OLED displays. I’m certain there’s a R&D team somewhere who has already developed a circular display with an incredibly thin bezel.