U.S. Broadband: No Competition

Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica, quoting FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler:

About 80 percent of Americans homes could buy 25Mbps broadband, but generally from only one provider, he said. “At 25Mbps, there is simply no competitive choice for most Americans,” Wheeler said. “Stop and let that sink in… three-quarters of American homes have no competitive choice for the essential infrastructure for 21st century economics and democracy. Included in that is almost 20 percent who have no service at all! Things only get worse as you move to 50Mbps where 82 percent of consumers lack a choice.”

I get 50Mbps, only from Comcast, and it’s slow. Competition is good:

“We’ve seen what happens when companies like Google bring new competition in the form of gigabit service to cities like Kansas City and Austin,” he said. “In Kansas City, the cable company responded with its own upgrade to gigabit service; in Austin, it was the telephone company that upgraded competitively with its own ultra-high-speed service. In fact, AT&T has announced plans to deploy gigabit fiber to 21 major metropolitan markets. Many of these are in same markets where Google has announced plans to lay fiber.”

Looking forward to Google Fiber coming to San Jose.