Apple Watch

The name is Apple Watch and comes in three collections: Apple Watch. Apple Watch Sport. Apple Watch Edition. It seems Apple is moving away from using the letter i as a prefix in its nomenclature.

The Apple Watch collection sports a stainless steel case (also comes in Space Black) with the display protected by sapphire crystal. The Apple Watch Sport collection uses anodized aluminum (silver and Space Gray), and strengthened Ion-X glass protects the display. The Apple Watch Edition collection is made of 18-karat yellow or rose gold with the display protected by sapphire crystal. All three collections come in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm.

Apple created a full range of bands using a variety of materials: link bracelet, sport band, leather loop, classic buckle, modern buckle, and Milanese loop.

User Interface: The crown on the Apple Watch is digital and multifunctional. Turn it and you can zoom and scroll. Press it and you can select, without covering the display. The home screen composed of beautifully arranged circular app icons and to get there you press the digital crown. The force-sensitive Retina display senses force and can tell the difference between a tap and a press.

You feel a gentle tap when you receive an incoming message. When replying to notifications there are four options: dictation, voice note, emoji, or pick from pre-selected answers. The AI (Siri?) parses your notification and figures out possible responses for you.

Timepiece: The Apple Watch keeps accurate time, within 50 milliseconds of the global time standard. When you travel time is automatically adjusted.

The communication app gets its own button, the only button — aside from the digital crown you can press — on the Apple Watch.

Apple mentioned resistance to water, but I’m not sure whether the Apple Watch is waterproof or water resistant. The entire PCB is enclosed to keep water out.

Inductive wireless charging has come to Apple with the Apple Watch. The MagSafe charger looks nifty.

Activity App: The Activity App shows three rings that stand for Move, Exercise, and Stand. There’s also a separate Workout app for dedicated cardio sessions. The Fitness app on the iPhone stores all your activity data. Distance is tracked using GPS and WiFi in your iPhone. A custom sensor measures intensity by tracking your heart rate, and an accelerometer measures body movement.

Third-party Apple Watch apps? You bet, with WatchKit: Pinterest, BMW (find your car, charge level), MLB, Honeywell (thermostat), Nike, American Airlines (flight info), SPG hotels (unlock your hotel room by waving your Apple Watch), etc.

An iPhone is required and Apple Watch can be used with iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, and the iPhone 6 series. Prices start at US$349 and will be available early 2015.

PS: Apple Watch works with Apple Pay.

PPS: Everyone will copy the digital crown.