Apple Watch: One Day Battery Life

John Paczkowski, re/code:

“It’s about a day right now,” said one, adding that Apple is working on various modifications ahead of the device’s 2015 launch to improve it. Reached for comment, Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris […] said the company expects users will charge their Apple Watches once daily.

I take that to mean about ten to twelve hours.

Does that mean I can’t expect the Apple Watch to monitor my sleep? (The only option at the moment doesn’t sound pleasant: Have the wireless inductive charging MagSafe tethered to the Apple Watch, on my wrist, while sleeping.)

Update 2014.09.12

Brian X. Chen, The New York Times, asks Tim Cook:

So why did you skip over the watch’s battery life?

Tim Cook:

I don’t think we skipped over it. I addressed it in the presentation myself. We think that based on our experience of wearing these that the usage of them will be really significant throughout the day. So we think you’ll want to charge them every night, similar to what a lot of people do with their phone.

I think I’d prefer to do what I do with my iPad: not need to have to charge every night.