Apple Watch: What Exactly Is The Point?

Ben Thompson, Stratechery:

This is why I’m worried that the lack of explanation about the Watch’s purpose wasn’t just a keynote oversight, but something that reflects a fundamental question about the product itself that Apple itself has yet to answer […]

What problem is the Apple Watch solving? Good question.

  • Discreet. You need to be discreet during company meetings, dinners with family, and coffee with friends. The Apple Watch helps you be less of a jerk when you’re checking your notifications.
  • Convenience. You don’t need to pry out your massive smartphone (iPhone 6 Plus included) from your ball-busting skinny jeans or initiate a galactic search inside your massive black hole of a purse, every time you get a notification.
  • Style. You don’t have to don toy-like plastic crap around your wrist to be healthy. With the Apple Watch you can be stylish and smart.
  • Love. People will stop hating you, because you actually respond to calls, texts, and emails.

Just a few points.