iPhone 6: Delayed In China

Shanshan Wang and Neil Gough, The New York Times:

On Wednesday, Apple told China’s three big state-owned mobile service providers that it would not release the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in mainland China on Sept. 19, when sales start elsewhere.

Why, no one knows for sure, but:

News reports in China on Wednesday said the iPhone 6 had not yet been approved by the Ministry for Industry and Information Technology, which must sign off on the technology of devices like smartphones. No approval for the iPhone 6 could be found on the regulator’s website on Wednesday.

Did not someone at Apple invite members of the Ministry for Industry and Information Technology to a very special banquet reserved only for them? Did not the special guests experience the finest cuisine, entertainment, and a special iPhone 6 presentation? Did not each member receive a special gift: a limited edition platinum Apple Watch Edition with red leather and a custom China watch face?